Japanese culture has always strongly emphasised respect for the beauty found in nature and natural materials, and this is constantly celebrated in the beautiful items created by artisans throughout Japan.

With a philosophy to inspire and delight, Setamono Tableware exclusively offers a curated selection of authentic and limited release Japanese artisan ceramics across South Africa.

The name Setamono Tableware originates from “Setomono”, a word synonymous with pottery and ceramics in Japan. Denoting a distinctive Japanese ware with a rich history and tradition said to date back 1,300 years, Setomono is recognised as the only one to have used ceramic glaze since the Kamakura period (1185-1333).

Each of the unique pieces of tableware contain subtle curves, glazes, textures and colours that require a high level of skill, found only in Japan, to produce. The carefully selected collections are sourced from small rural cottage factories, where they are handmade by local master artisans, honouring their historic traditions, methods and inspiration. There is an irrefutable beauty and presence with each piece which cannot be repeated.

Setamono Tableware is constantly evolving, regularly introducing new pieces to professional chefs and home entertainers. As the perfect partner for exquisite cuisine, the collections are unique and distinctive, and currently grace the tables of a number of the top ten restaurants in South Africa.

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